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List of some works performed
In recent years


Among other things, we have performed engine repairs for the following plants:
– Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa
– Malta Dekor Poznań
– IP Kwidzyn
– Cukrownia Malbork
– Mondi Świecie (dawna celuloza świecka)
– Lafarge Cementownia Kujawy (Bielawy)
– Eurobox Ujazd
– Saur Gdańsk
– KPEC Bydgoszcz

2) Wcomprehensive lighting for the Paper Machine No. 7 in MONDI Świecie
(for all facilities and rooms)

3) Laying the power line (3×240) 6kV 10 sections, 390m each for Mondi Packaging Paper
Swiecie S.A.

4) Laying the power line for the new Kasztelan Sierpc power cabinets

5) Replacement of switchgear at the departments of BOŚ and MOŚ for Frantschach Świecie

6) Modernization of the pumping station for Frantschach Świecie S.A.

7) Execution of a new power supply and new electrical installation of the corrugator for Eurobox Ujazd

8) Execution of street lighting in Świecie

9) Modernization of the paper machine no.3 for Frantschach Świecie S.A.

10) Renovation of electrical installation in the production hall of solvent-based paints (explosion-proof facility) for DYRUP POLSKA in Łódź

11) Conducting inspections and maintenance of electrical installations at International Paper Kwidzyn S.A.

12) Execution of the complete power supply installation for the new buildings of Plac Drzewny in Frantschach Świecie S.A.

13) Complete replacement of 6 and 0.4 kV switchgear and installation on paper machine no.5 for Frantschach Świecie S.A.