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Zakład Usług Elektrycznych RemEL Sp. z o.o. performs MV electrical installations

Scope of electrical works:

  • electrical installations
  • electrical installation in explosion hazard zones in EX standard
  • installation of equipment and apparatus MV, LV, station and power facilities
  • installation of cable lines MV and LV
  • street lighting
  • installation of lightning protection/arresters
  • execution of lighting in all types of facilities and open space
  • protective measures and post-installation measures
  • execution of pipeline electric heating
  • assembly of LV and MV switchboards of a chosen manufacturer (selected by the Customer)
  • searching for defects in electrical cables
  • execution  of telecommunication and computer networks

We provide:

  • dynamic balancing of rotors, ventilators/fans
  • laser alignment
  • inspections and repairs of overhead cranes, lifting equipment (cranes), process lines in terms of machines, automatics and power supply systems
  • repairs of electric tools, rectifiers, etc.
  • repairs of dry transformers

Need more details?

Call us: (52) 33 240 26, 33 240 60, 33 211 78 and we will provide you with additional information