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REMEL Sp. of o.o. located in Swiecie, ul. Bydgoska 1, 86-105 Świecie, entered into the National Court Register under number 0000017718, NIP 559-000-21-48 hereinafter REMEL.PL ensure that all web users the right to choose to provide information to them. REMEL.PL indicates that the use of cookies technology websites such as text files (cookies), to record information about which pages you visited and what they did.

“Cookies” – what is it?

Cookies (cookies) are small portions of information stored by your browser on your computer. Why does everyone use cookies? With the cookie information websites remember your preferences that you select by setting certain things – such as the setting of the weather forecast, or recently viewed listings. Cookie does not contain any of your personal information. Cookie does NOT have any effect on your software or hardware. And one very important thing – the cookie form REMEL.PL web side can be read only by REMEL.PL. For your convenience, you need to know and consciously use cookies.

What are cookies used:

♦ Creation of statistics so you can understand how service users benefit from web pages, which makes it possible to improve the functionality and content

♦ The session cookie is maintained when the user logs on to the site and there is no need for every page site again enter your login and password

♦ Adjustment and display content pages websites to your preferences, in particular, these files allow the user to identify the device and appropriately website web site, tailored to their individual needs

♦ Delivering content to users more customized services to their preferences, such as advertising

In many cases, the default web browser allows cookies to store the user’s terminal device. Users can make websites at any time change the settings for cookies on your computer. These settings can be modified in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies or notify them each time by posting on your website.

Failure to change the settings of cookies is that they will be stored in the terminal equipment of a user, and therefore we will keep this information on the device and access to this information.

Disable the use of cookies may cause difficulties to use some services within our Web sites, in particular those requiring login.

Disabling does not accept cookies inability to read or watch content on Web sites outside of the content that is available after login

Detailed information about the possibilities and how to support cookies in that they enable or disable settings are available in the web browser.

Below you will find links to ways to change the setting of cookies for each browser:

Internet Explorer